Our charming coastal town is full of history, nature, and FUN, so what better way to celebrate all that we have to offer than with some trivia? Test your knowledge with some fun questions below to see how well you know LBTS!

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Our town’s roots trace back to the roarin’ 20s, when was LBTS first officially incorporated?

The courtyard of Anglin's Square rests under a light blue sky.

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Answer: November 30, 1927

What was the second time it was officially incorporated?

Answer: November 1949

Anglin’s Pier is one of our favorite landmarks around town- who was this fun hangout spot named after?

The LBTS pier extends from the shore into the Atlantic Ocean.

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Answer: The first mayor of LBTS, Melvin Anglin


Our coastal town welcomes a diverse array of marine life, including our oldest friends- sea turtles. What types of sea turtles can be found nesting on our beaches?

A green sea turtle swims amongst the coral off the coast of LBTS.

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Answer: Loggerhead, green, and leatherback sea turtles

Our internationally recognized snorkeling and diving trails support the rich biodiversity found in our ocean and have earned us the distinct title of “Florida’s Beach Diving Capital.” How many yards from the shoreline is the closest coral reef?

Anglins-Reef-Pier Dive Map

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Answer: 100 yards- make sure to check out our snorkeling trail map!

P.S.- Our town also has guided tankless dive tours- the perfect way for the whole family to explore the reef. Stop into Gold Coast Scuba for more info.


Where can you find a larger-than-life (okay maybe not literally) blue Adirondack chair perfect for family pictures?

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Answer: In front of our Visitor Center. Feel free to snap a pic and tag us on social media.


Our charming town is the perfect place to kick back, enjoy the breeze, and discover Florida nature. Do you know our town’s motto that perfectly sums up how we feel on the daily?

The sun rises over the Atlantic Ocean and lights up the sky like a raindbow over a brick path lined with Adirondack chairs.

Answer: Relax… You’re Here


Divers and snorkelers come from all over to explore our town’s shipwrecks, reefs, and trails. How many concrete cannons can be found in our underwater shipwreck snorkel trail?

A group of divers smile while standing in the shallow end of the Atlantic

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Answer: Five concrete cannons


No car, no problem! LBTS is easy to get around, especially with our free community shuttle named…?

Pelican Hopper Shuttle is parked outside a strip mall in LBTS.

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Answer: The Pelican Hopper


Don’t be surprised if you head out to Anglin’s Pier to go fishing and a friendly pelican decides to join you. What did our fisherman name our unofficial town mascot?

Pete The Pelican sits on a wooden railing overlooking the ocean.

Pc: @pipeospina7

Answer: Pete the Pelican


Turtles, fish, and lobsters- oh my! Can you name at least five species of fish that call LBTS home?

Three lobsters hanging out under a large piece of red coral.

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Varieties include lobster, snapper, tarpon, cobia, bluefish, mackerel, snook, blue runners, croakers, permit, and pompano


Move over baseball, people-watching may actually be America’s favorite pastime. Where’s the best place to people-watch in LBTS?

Answer: The Adirondack chairs in Anglin’s Square