Beaches & Parks

For a small Town, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea offers many opportunities for residents and children to enjoy the beach and numerous outdoor activities.

The Town’s has two cherished natural resources:

  • A beautiful sandy beach that stretches for 2.5 miles. 
  • A living coral reef located within 100 yards of the beach. Our reefs are extremely popular with snorkelers and divers from all across Florida.

Beach Portals

Beach Portals Map 2022
  • Pine Avenue ( Jack & Shirley Forrest). This portal is located at the north end of El Mar Drive, adjacent to the Plunge Beach Hotel.
  • Washingtonia Avenue (Laura Ward). This portal is located at the intersection of El Mar Drive and Washingtonia. Be sure to look for the SS Copenhagen informational sign located on the beach nearby.
  • El Prado (Ernie Fontaine) is equipped with chairs and a shower.
  • Beach Pavilion & Ocean Plaza (Connie Hoffmann). The plaza and pavilion feature unique boat benches and games for children, as well as showers, shade and colorful Addy chairs for just plain relaxing.
  • Datura Avenue (William Karley). Datura is a popular spot for local beach divers and is equipped with a wooden dive bench.
  • Hibiscus Avenue (Joseph Barbara) is located at the intersection of El Mar Drive and Hibiscus. 
  • Palm Avenue (Marie & Stanley White) is at the south end of El Mar Drive.

Anglin’s Pier

One of only four piers in Broward County, Anglin’s Pier offers tourists and anglers a prime spot to view the ocean and catch fish. The pier, which is privately owned, is located on the Atlantic Ocean at 2 Commercial Blvd.

Town Parks

  • El Prado Park is located on the ocean in the 4500 block of El Mar Drive, just east of Town Hall and the El Prado Parking Lot. This is a passive park equipped with a shower, benches, shade and Addy chairs.
  • Friedt Family Park is located on Bougainvilla Drive behind Town Hall. It has a children’s playground, bocce ball court, shuffleboard area, two tennis courts, a basketball court and a public bathroom facility.
  • Washingtonia Park ;is located on the ocean at the intersection of El Mar Drive and Washingtonia Avenue. This is a passive park with trees and benches. A small section is dedicated to the memory of Diane Boutin.