Circuit-By-The-Sea is here!

Residents and visitors are now able to request a ride, free of charge, to anywhere within LBTS, or Galt Ocean Mile. By using the 100% electric Circuit-By-The-Sea shuttles, you can support the Town’s commitment to going green.


Shuttle Schedule


Sunday to Thursday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.


To request a ride to and from anywhere in LBTS


  1. Download the Ride Circuit app
  2. Add your pick-up and drop-off locations (anywhere within LBTS, or Galt Ocean Mile)
  3. Add the number of passengers
  4. Enjoy your FREE ride through town


  1. Wave down a driver
  2. Enjoy your FREE ride through town

Click here to download the Ride Circuit app.


Frequently Asked Questions


How many passengers can ride in one shuttle at a time?

Each shuttle can accommodate five passengers.

Can I bring my beach bag on board? Is there storage?

Absolutely! Each shuttle has a small trunk that you are welcome to place your belongings in.

Is my pet allowed to ride?

We love having your furry friends join us, but welcome them at the discretion of your driver and other passengers. If you do ride with your pet, they must remain on your lap or on the floor in between your feet for the duration of your ride.

Can I eat or drink while on board?

Eating and drinking, including alcoholic beverages, is not allowed while riding Circuit-By-The-Sea.


Click here for more information on Circuit-By-The-Sea rider conduct.