Source: | Author: Jannely Espinal | Published Date: Monday, August 19, 2019 

There is no need to travel far away to find pastel-hued Adirondack beach chairs and tranquility near Miami. Lauderdale-By-The-Sea is a seaside town with numerous restaurants, shops and boutiques for the beach hunter. The city is about 40-minutes north from Miami where locals meet at the Anglin’s square to bask in the sun while enjoying passersby with their tiny teacup puppies and floral ensembles.

It is one of those places that looks like a scene straight from a Nicholas Sparks movie. Just steps away from the beach, locals can encounter dining and entertainment, with a lively tropical vibe as seen on Caribbean destinations. The city offers many recreation opportunities including snorkeling under the pier and scuba diving while exploring a shipwreck preserve. The town also has a living coral reef within 100 yards from its shoreline with an underwater habitat full of lobsters, tropical fish and more.

During summer, you can see turtle nests or fishermen by the Anglin’s fishing pier trying to get the catch-of-the-day. It is common to see wedding photographers taking pictures under the bridge as well. The town also takes pride in their one-of-a-kind annual events such as BugFest-By-The-sea, Boo-By-The-Sea and Christmas-By-The-Sea.

A day trip to this coastal paradise will connect you to nature, tropical drinks and several Thai restaurants with a Floridian vibe. The town also has one of the most popular ice cream shops called Sloan’s where guests can enjoy one of the best milkshakes and other sweets in the area. This colorful village is a great place to escape the buzzy noise of a city and listen to the splashing sound of the waves while enjoying the beaming sunlight. A place where it feels like you are saving time in a bottle.