Many marine animals call the waters of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea home… including sea turtles! Every year from Marchthrough October, sea turtle nests pop up along the length of the Town’s beaches. During the height of sea turtle nesting season, loggerheads, green and leatherback turtles return to their home beaches (from hundreds, even thousands of miles away) and crawl ashore to lay eggs. About two months after the eggs are laid, baby sea turtles hatch, and begin their journey to the water.

About 70% of sea turtle nesting in the U.S. occurs right here in Florida, and this season, LBTS’ two mile long beach is (so far in August) home to 207 sea turtle nests- about 8% of the total nests across Broward County’s beaches. By species, that is 5 leatherbacks, 197 loggerheads, and 5 green turtles thus far this season.

For more information about Broward County’s Sea Turtle Conservation Efforts, visit

Broward County partners  with students from Nova Southeastern University’s Sea Turtle Conservation Program to identify and conserve new sea turtle nests. Every morning during the season, Nova students visit our beaches in the early hours to mark off the areas, to help beachgoers know where they are located.

August is a busy time for sea turtle hatching in Broward County, and we encourage residents and visitors alike to help in the conservation of sea turtles nesting activity.

How can you help?

  1. Please make sure to place your trash in a nearby bin. And as a good turtle ambassador, pick up any trash that could harm or inhibit turtles from laying eggs or returning to the ocean.  
  2. While enjoying a day in the sand or snorkeling in the water, stay clear of nesting sites so the eggs are not disrupted.
  3. If you happen to see a turtle crawl ashore, stay at least 10 feet away. And if at night, avoid using any type of white light or flash because sea turtles may be frightened or confused by external light sources. Turtles rely on light and reflections from the moon to guide them back to the ocean.
  1. Save this number in your phone! If you see a dead, sick, or injured sea turtle or hatchling(s) in Broward County please call: 954-328-0580

Before or after the beach, we hope you will enjoy a stroll through Town, try a new eatery or shop. And share your photos with #LoveLBTS, and we may feature it on the Town’s Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Relax… and enjoy our beaches alongside our oldest residents – sea turtles!