Have you ever wondered about hypnosis? Is it a real phenomenon or a showman’s trick? Can we really be hypnotized? John Alexander shows that we can.

John provides a fun, and exciting Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show. He selects audience volunteers who are then hypnotized in front of the entire audience.
As the hypnotist I take the stage and begin to relieve the doubters of any worries that they might have of being mind hacked and made to do things they would regret. Then, I invite the curious to join me on stage. In over 30 years of doing stage presentations I have never had anyone regret the experience of a live hypnosis show.” 
But there’s another side to Hypnotism, as the practice can help with giving up smoking or losing weight. John states that hypnotism can solve a lot of our day-to-day problems. John runs a successful hypnotism practice in Fort Lauderdale. This has helped him to achieve results for his clients such as reaching their life goals and even more. The power of hypnosis, John says, is something that needs to be seen to be believed. He has worked with many companies and is acknowledged expert in his field. 

Sometimes hypnotism is seen as an entertainment but there is much more to the subject than mere frivolity. Meet John and find out more about this fascinating subject at Jarvis Hall.