Hashtags are used to identify messages on a specific topic so what better way to share and talk about Lauderdale-by-the-Sea than #loveLBTS.

#loveLBTS is the latest in efforts by the town to get noticed and attract visitors. The Town of LBTS is encouraging all residents and visitors to document their fun times at their favorite hangouts, spending time by the water or any other activity they enjoy.

Everyone loves taking snapshots with their smartphone and once those photos are posted on social media, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or all three, just make sure to use the #loveLBTS hashtag every time. Not only will you join the conversation of our great town but all photos and suggestions will be considered for use in a photo contest and new video marketing program implemented by LBTS.

So make those photos of you and your friends cheering on your favorite sports team, enjoying a fabulous meal at one of the town’s restaurants or simply taking in a beautiful sunrise or sunset count and hashtag away. It could mean more visitors to LBTS and a prize for you!