Looking for some creative, family-friendly activities for your kiddos? Take a day trip or spend a long weekend in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea! Our little beach town has something fun for every member of your family to enjoy.

Now that sea turtle season has ended, we’re breaking down a classic day-at-the-beach activity parents and children alike will enjoy- building the perfect sandcastle. Check out these tips, grab your flip flops, and head over to our colorful town for a memorable day outdoors.

Tip #1: Gather Your Supplies

You might already have the majority of the tools needed to build the perfect sandcastle at home. Collect a few small shovels and a plastic rake to dig up sand, buckets or pales of various sizes to carry water and build towers, and a handful of paper straws or a wooden paint stirrer to help shape your castle and add details.

Tip #2: Scout Out the Perfect Spot

With over two miles of white sandy beaches, our little town has plenty of prime areas to build your sandcastle. We recommend picking a spot close to one of our beach portals, the Palm and Washingtonia portals have showers so you can rinse off after a day of playing in the sand.

Tip #3: Show Off Your Skills

It’s time to bring your sandcastle to life! Try using moist sand to create a solid foundation. When you or your little ones squeeze a ball of sand in your hands, if the ball stays together and you can roll it around your palm, it’s perfect for building a sand castle. The best place to find this sand is just below the tide line.

Once your foundation and walls are set, grab those buckets, because it’s time to construct your towers. Fill your buckets until they’re overflowing with damp sand, level them off, flip them over, and lift. Ta-da! The more bucket sizes you have, the more varied your towers will be.

We can’t wait to see what kind of beautiful castles your family will create while enjoying a relaxing day in LBTS. Be sure to share your photos with us on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #LoveLBTS for a chance to be featured on the Town’s feeds.

If you worked up an appetite from all the building, grab a yummy meal or a sweet treat to go from one of our eateries. Our restaurants offer plenty of outdoor dining and grab-and-go options to satisfy your cravings. Before heading back home, we invite you to enjoy a stroll through town and browse for treasures in our shops. To learn more about staying in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea call the Visitor’s Center (800) 921-2319.

You don’t have to travel very far to enjoy the outdoors with your family. Grab your buckets and pales, drive over to our quaint beach town, and relax… you’re here.